COVID-19 Statement

First of all, we hope that everyone is taking the necessary precautions to keep yourselves and your loved ones safe in these unprecedented and challenging times due to COVID-19.

This affects us all, as one community.  If we all work together during these times we can get through this.  With that being said, for the duration of this global pandemic Radar Athletics will be continuing to offer support and create new designs for new and returning customers.  If you placed an order on or before March 27th 2020, your order is now complete and will be shipped out to your mailing address early next week.  For all orders current or new after March 27th 2020, you will still receive your order and you may still place an order as of now.  You may experience delays longer than usual, solely due to the fact that our supply chain has slowed down tremendously due to this outbreak.  This may include delays in design time, order processing, production, and shipping.  These are things out of our control, but I assure all of you that your satisfaction has always been and always will be our top priority, and we will do whatever we can to get you your order as fast as possible.  In return, we ask that you have patience and understanding with us.

As I said before, this pandemic is something that affects us all.  Depending on what country you order from, you may experience larger delays.  Again, this is something that is out of our control and is being evaluated on a day-by-day basis.  

We appreciate your patience during these times. Let's continue to protect ourselves and the people around us by staying at home.   #FlattenTheCurve

For any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to us directly via email or any of our social media handles.



Facebook/Instagram/Twitter:  @RadarAthletics


-The Radar Athletics Team